The Empowerment Process
Take a Stand for Your Financial Future with the Doffin Process

Our mission is to provide a better alternative to impersonal investment firms guided by yesterday’s investment philosophies. Focused on maintaining our clients’ complete financial well-being, we strive to set ourselves apart from other firms. We do this through the following highly personalized five-step process:

1. Understanding

Our belief in incorporating education throughout the investment process is not limited to explaining terms and strategies. Before we begin investing, we must gain a deep understanding of who you are, including your wants and needs, your attitudes and your experiences. We will teach you more about our company and our approach to investing and determine if we are compatible. We can then identify the goals of our relationship and begin to discuss exactly how we will help you take control of your finances.

2. Protection

Our asset allocation model is built upon a base of carefully selected foundational assets. These assets are chosen for their ability to reduce volatility and tax liability, or as hedges against rising inflation and interest rates. They can help to protect your portfolio from the full impact of traditional market fluctuations, in an effort to keep it well positioned in good times and bad.

3. Control

We combine thoughtful investment management with proprietary strategies designed to help you take control over all aspects of your financial life. This includes ideas for reducing tax liability, minimizing distribution requirements from retirement accounts and maximizing investment-related income. We think that better knowledge and better control will empower us to work together in an effort to meet your long-term goals.

4. Innovation

We help our clients move away from ineffective and outdated conventions, through innovative active investments. As an independent firm, the investment choices we can offer are not limited, so we can choose the options that are truly best for you and your goals. In addition to traditional investments, we offer a wide range of alternative investments, Direct Participation Programs (DPPs) and insurance products, as part of a comprehensive plan to help you change the way you invest.

5. Responsiveness

The market, the investment industry and even our lives are constantly changing. A financial world dominated by uncertainty requires active investing and adaptive thinking. It requires the ability to respond to new realities quickly, anticipating potential pitfalls before they arise and seizing dynamic new opportunities. Our adaptive approach to wealth management ensures that your finances are positioned for success as both markets and your goals evolve. We bring this same responsive mindset to our client relationships. We understand that your wants, needs, concerns and doubts will continually shift as your life changes. By maintaining a close relationship with consistent communication, we can ensure that we are always there for you, providing the focused, one-on-one attention you need, in order to feel informed and confident with your investments.

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