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The Financial Revolution is Here - August 18, 2014

It is time to stand up for your financial future. At Doffin, we believe that inaction when it comes to your finances is the biggest risk you can take. Too many investors are relying on the same old investment strategies and are failing to get the results they need to appropriately maintain their retirement. That’s because the investment philosophies of the past are no longer enough in today’s economy. You need to employ a new way of thinking and explore an alternative approach to generate positive outcomes. The financial revolution starts with you standing up and making a change. Empowerment…

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The Down Market Myth: Is Everybody Losing Money When the Market Goes Down? -

Many investors have been led to believe that the effects of market swings are inescapable and that everyone must be losing money in a down market. But are they really? What about those individuals who are not just invested in the market, who have investments through insurance providers or alternative investments that may not be correlated with traditional bond and stock markets? There are many strategic investments that are not directly tied to overall stock market trends and these can help insulate portfolios from the dramatic swings that have become even more common in today’s market environment. At Doffin Investments,…

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